Nanotechnology Council Standards Committee (NTC/SC)

Expression of Interest

Please engage in the following two activities to indicate your interest in participating in the NTC-SC.

Kindly respond to this survey (


You can express interest in following or participating in various NTC-SC activities via myProject by selecting the “Manage Profile & Interests” section of the main page’s drop-down menu; followed by selecting the “Interests” tab and clicking on the “Add Groups” button at the top of the list that appears there. Either enter “NTC-SC” into the search bar that appears, or find “IEEE Nanotechnology Council” from the list presented (then open the drop-down menu via the “+” icon), and indicate your interest by selecting the icon that appears to the right side of the window.

That list will be monitored to ensure that new “participants” are added to the NTC-SC ListServe email reflector ([email protected]) and future meetings, and any balloting measures or Calls for Participation in developing study or standard development groups will be distributed by the IEEE SA to all individuals present on that list. Any such messages can be found in the envelope icon displayed on that site, and may be sent directly to your inbox per your messaging settings.