IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 21 (SCC21)

SCC21 Outreach Procedure and Request Form for Standards Presentations

(approved June 22, 2018)

Please scroll down and fill out the form to request a SCC21-reviewed slide deck for your standards presentation.

As part of our Standard Coordinating Committee 21 (SCC21) outreach process, SCC21 is happy to provide interested lecturers with approved slide decks for presentations on certain SCC21-sponsored standards under the condition of mutual collaboration. That will save presenters time, maintain consistency in the presentations, and enable continuous improvement of the new standard.

Presenters that use SCC21-approved slides agree to conform to the following procedure:

  1. You will use these slides only for “the next IEEE tutorial” and re-confirm their use for any future events. Please be specific about the date and location of the event you are planning to use these slides for by using the form below.
  2. You will accredit IEEE SCC21 as the standard’s sponsor and source for these slides.
  3. SCC21 offers to review the near-final slide deck 3 business days ahead of the meeting.
  4. You will send us within 1 week after the event:
    1. A brief summary of the discussion at the event, including
      • An estimate of the number of attendees
      • Highlights of interesting topics that came up
      • Any errors or suggestions for improvements that were identified. (We will collect this feedback and feed it into a future amendment/revision of the new standard.)
    1. Any new slides that you may have created for the tutorial and that may improve the existing slide decks.

Intellectual Property

  • Need to specify copyrights on the slide decks produced.
  • We suggest the parties maintain the ownership of their respective materials provided and grant each other a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free license to use the materials in any derivative form, including incorporation into any corporate design.
  • There are three forms corporate designs:
    • IEEE (blue scheme)
    • IEEE PES (green scheme)
    • 3rd parties (e.g., parties corporate scheme)

Professional Development Hours (PDH) Process

A form is available for Professional Development Hours (PDH). This form must be used to claim PDH for attendance at a tutorial session. PDH credits are awarded for participation at a tutorial session, and are normally accepted by accreditation agencies responsible for professional registration. Please fill out the information requested on the PDH form and have the session chair sign the form.

Please remember, you must select session(s) appropriate to your license and needs – the final responsibility rests on your judgment. Contact your accreditation agency for their rules, sponsor/provider status and specifics course/session approval. Also note that IEEE does not plan to keep records of who attended what. If audited (and it happens), it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide authenticating documents (e.g., hotel and conference registration receipt, badges, conference programs, etc.)

Evaluation after 12 months 

The above procedures, definitions, and criteria will be review by SCC21 members not later than 12 months after this memo enters into effect.