IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 21 (SCC21)

Discounted Distribution of SCC21-Sponsored Standards to Qualifying Parties

(approved June 22, 2018)

Please scroll down and fill out the form to request a discounted copy of a SCC21-sponsored standard.

Definition of qualifying parties

  1. Participants of SCC21-supported trainings for educational purposes (1 copy per participant)
  2. Governments / state regulatory authorities for policy making (1 copy per entity)
  3. Others at discretion of SCC21 Officers and P1547 Chair (1 copy per person or entity)

 Procedure for discounted copies to qualified parties

  1. SCC21 Officers propose to SCC21 Members a standard that should be offered at a discount to qualifying parties as defined below
    1. SCC21 Members review and comment on the list of standards.
  2. Transmittal of discounted standards to qualifying parties?
    1. A SCC21 member identifies a qualifying party that wishes to receive a discounted copy of the standard and sends the list of to the SCC21 Secretary.
    2. SCC21 Officers + P1547 Chair review and approve or modify the list.
    3. SCC21 Secretary appends the list of qualified parties.
    4. SCC21 Secretary uses IEEE backend web solution to assign discounted copies to qualified parties.
    5. Qualified parties will receive an email containing an invitation link to download a discounted copy of the standard.
    6. After accepting a standard end user license agreement, the person will then have access to the file.
  3. IEEE sends SCC21 a monthly invoice.
    1. SCC21 Officers review and approve IEEE’s monthly invoice.
    2. SCC21 Treasurer pays IEEE’s invoice before the 5th of each month.

Criteria for discretionary copies

SCC21 Officers in conjunction with P1547 Chair have discretion to add qualified parties to the list on an as-needed basis if all of the he following criteria are met:

  1. Interested party has hardship acquiring a commercial copy of a SCC21-sponsored standard.
  2. There is a public benefit associated with giving the interested party access to a discounted copy of the standard.

Evaluation after 12 months 

The above procedures, definitions, and criteria will be review by SCC21 members not later than 12 months after this memo enters into effect.