Test Technology Standards Committee

Meeting Agenda

(Draft agenda for July 17th, 2024 will be posted here two weeks before the meeting)

Agenda (final) – April 17th, 2024

Updated April 16th, 2024 – see Meeting Announcement for Webex details.

1       Call to order, Chair’s remarks

To include:

  • Patents slideset (ref)
  • Copyright policy (ref)
  • Participant behavior (ref)

2       Approval of the agenda

3       Approval of minutes of previous meetings

3.1       Regular meeting, January 17th, 2024.

The draft minutes are available on the IEEE TTSC iMeet site. (ref)

4       Action items review

  Action Who When
1 Create “cookbook” for how to startup a new (or revision) project/ working group. Ian McIntosh Forthwith
2 Contact T. McLaurin to ask if her original concerns have been met by the Language Subcommittee. Ian McIntosh Forthwith
3 Contact former 1804 WG member at TI regarding standard maintenance. I. McIntosh / J. Rearick Forthwith
4 Provide R. Dokken with information on starting a Study Group for 1450.4. Ian McIntosh Forthwith

5       Technical Topics

5.1       Standards Committee action requested/required

  • Expect a motion to approve a PAR Extension Request for P1450.6.2. (ref)

5.2       Regular order

5.2.1      Election review

Status reports

  • P1838a (Ehrenberg)

Elections due by next meeting

  • P1687.2 – June (Sunter)
  • P1687 – July (Keim)

5.2.2      Status of projects in active development

All chairs of active WGs: Please provide reports 7 days prior to the meeting using the standard reporting form (ref) and upload to Meeting Materials/Meeting_2024.04. Discussion by exception. New projects starting up
  • 1450.4 study group (Dokken)
  • P1450.6 working group (Cron)

5.2.3      Maintenance review

  • Without SC action, the following standards will expire at the end of 2027:
    • 1149.10 C/TT/HJTAG
      Standard for High Speed Test Access Port and On-chip Distribution Architecture
    • 1450.4 C/TT/P1450.4
      Standard for Extensions to Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) (IEEE Std 1450-1999) for Test Flow Specification
    • 1804 C/TT/FACR 1804
      Standard for Fault Accounting and Coverage Reporting (FACR) for Digital Modules

6       New Business

7       Subcommittee reports

7.1       Language Subcommittee

Reply from Teresa McLaurin (ref)

8       Items reported out of executive session

9       Any other business

10    New action items

11    Next meeting

The next meeting is proposed for July 17th, 2024