Test Technology Standards Committee


Joining TTSC:

Email the SC Chair or SC Secretary to express an interest (see “SC Officers” on our Home page)

Subscribe to TTSC emails: https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=STDS-TTSC

Indicate your interest via IEEE myProject: https://development.standards.ieee.org/myproject-web/app † as follows:

From the menu select “Manage Profile & Interests”,
On the “Interests” tab click on “Add Groups”,
Enter “C/TT” in the search box and start the search,
Add “Test Technology” to “Groups I am interested in”

† – requires IEEE login (membership of IEEE is not a requirement)

Current Membership:

Affiliation in square braces

Saman Adham [Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation]

Anthony Coyette [onsemi]

Adam Cron [Synopsys]

Alfred Crouch [Amida Technology Solutions]

Jason Doege [self; Amida Technology Solutions]

Ric Dokken [Roguevation]

Heiko Ehrenberg [GOEPEL Electronics]

Neil Glenn Jacobson [Xilinx]

Martin Keim [Mentor, a Siemens Business]

Michael Laisne [Renesas]

Adam Ley [ASSET InterTech]

Erik Jan Marinissen [imec vzw;TU Eindhoven]

Greg Maston [self]

Ian McIntosh [Leonardo]

Sankaran Menon [self]

Jim O’Reilly [Intel]

Jason Peck [Texas Instruments]

Glenn Pfautsch [Charter College;Stevens Henager College]

John Potter [Anora]

Rajesh Raina [NXP Semiconductors]

Jeff Rearick [Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)]

Mike Ricchetti [self]

Saghir Shaikh [Intel]

Tao Sun [S&C Electric Company]

Steve Sunter [Mentor, a Siemens Business]

Bambang Suparjo [Intel]

Bradford Van Treuren [VT Enterprises Consulting Services]

Tom Waayers [NXP Semiconductors]

Michael Wahl [University of Siegen]