IEEE 2800.2
P2800-2 - Test and Verification of BPS-connected Inverter-Based Resources WG


SubGroups/Task Force

IEEE P2800.2 SubGroup Lead (=Officer) SG Chairs Mailing List
I. General Requirements & Overall Document

SG1 Scope

Andy Hoke

Manish Patel

[email protected]
II. Type Tests

SG2 Scope

Steve Wurmlinger Pramod Ghimire

Michael Ropp

[email protected]
III. Design Evaluation

SG3 Scope

Jens C. Boemer Andrew Isaacs

Alex Shattuck

[email protected]
IV. Commissioning & As-built Evaluation

SG4 Scope

Divya Kurthakoti Chris Milan

Dave Narang

[email protected]
V. Post Commissioning Model Validation & Monitoring, Periodic Tests and Verification

SG5 Scope

Julia Matevosyan Jason MacDowell

Brad Marszalkowski

[email protected]
Power Quality Task Force Dave Mueller

Eugen Starschich

[email protected]