IEEE 2800
P2800—Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems

Getting Involved

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IEEE P2800 SubGroup Lead (=Officer) Mailing List
I. Overall Document Jens C Boemer [email protected]
II. General Requirements Bob Cummings [email protected]
III. Active Power – Frequency Control Mahesh Morjaria [email protected]
IV. Reactive Power – Voltage Control Mahesh Morjaria [email protected]
V. Low Short-Circuit Power Ross Guttromson [email protected]
VI. Power Quality Ross Guttromson [email protected]
VII. Ride-Through Capability Requirements Bob Cummings [email protected]
VIII. Ride-Through Performance Requirements Manish Patel [email protected]
IX. IBR Protection Babak Enayati [email protected]
X. Modeling & Validation, Measurement Data, and Performance Monitoring Manish Patel [email protected]
XI. Tests and verification requirements Chenhui Niu [email protected]


Working Group (WG) Member List

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Comment Resolution Group (CRG) Member List

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