IEEE 2800 Working Group
Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems

Officers & Liaisons

P2800 Working Group Officers

Role Name email
Chair Jens C. Boemer [email protected]
Vice Chair Bob Cummings [email protected]
Vice Chair Babak Enayati [email protected]
Vice Chair Ross Guttromson [email protected]
Vice Chair Chenhui Niu [email protected]
Vice Chair Manish Patel [email protected]
Vice Chair Mahesh Morjaria [email protected]
Secretary & Treasurer Diwakar Tewari [email protected] 
IEEE Staff Liaison Malia Zaman [email protected]

P2800 Liaison

Committee Name email
IEEE/PES/PSRC (Joint Sponsor) Manish Patel [email protected]
IEEE/PES/EM (Joint Sponsor) Innocent Kamwa & Jim Lau [email protected] &
[email protected]
IEEE/PES/PSDP Pouyan Pourbeik [email protected]
IEEE/PES/T&D Babak Enayati [email protected]
IEEE/PES/WSPCC Andy Leon [email protected]
IEEE/SCC21 Jens Boemer [email protected]
NERC IRPTF Ryan Quint [email protected]

Joint Sponsors and Industry Coordination

The following diagram shows the Joint Sponsors of the standard and the industry coordination approach taken to create broad consensus across IEEE committees, standards development organizations, and other interested entities.