Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

Resolution of the 3rd Meeting of the IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee

The 3rd meeting of IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee was held via conference call. The agenda as annex.1 was approved by all attendees.

Dr. Feng WU presented patent slides at the meeting. A call for potentially essential patents was made, and no potentially essential patent claims were declared, and no holders of potentially essential patents were identified. All IEEE CS DCSC members could ask for the IEEE official patent document from the secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Data Compression Standard Committee:

The series of official websites, including DCSC, 1857 and FVC, was established completely and open to all visitors. The documentary storage zoon (members only) was created under “Imeet central”, which is a free tool provided by IEEE.

The chair of 1857 WG is now officially changed to Siwei MA.

The websites are listed as follow:

P1857- Audio Video Coding Working Group:

1857.8: The project has been successfully passed RevCom and becomes the new IEEE standard

1857.9: 13 input documents from Ali, PKUSZ, Pencheng Lab, Migu and Tencent are reviewed. 3 proposals are adopted. A fast wrapping operation is supported in DIBR module. 6 DoF Video WD6.0 will be outputted, and VSS3.0 will be released. Proceed to call for new test sequences and depth coding model. The rendering part should be an annex in the standard.

1857.10: The workgroup reviewed the technical proposals and drafted the first version document for IEEE 1857.10 standard. The progress of IEEE 1857.10 is prominent. So far, IEEE 1857.10 can achieve about 30%-bit rate saving than the second generation video coding standard IEEE 1857.4 by adopting more efficient coding tools, such as the flexible block partitioning structure, progressive motion vector resolution and multiple adaptive transform kernels etc. The draft of the first version document for IEEE 1857.10 standard will be uploaded in June 18.

FVC-Future Video Coding:

FVC-SG discussed the results of and the proposals responding to the Call for Evidence on Deep Learning-Based Image Compression Technologies. There are 8 proposals about the CfE, of which 7 proposals are from registered proponents and 1 proposal is of information. FVC-SG observed that several proposals are very promising, they surpassed BPG both objectively (PSNR, MS-SSIM) and subjectively at a wide bit rate range. Some proposal even surpassed VVC intra coding subjectively at low bit rates (0.12~0.25 bpp). FVC-SG decided to initiate the development of a Test Model for Deep Learning-Based Image Compression.

AI Model Representation, Compression and Management:

The PAR for establishing this new working group is being prepared and shall be submitted for NesCom before 14 August, 2020.

P&P documents for WG of DCSC:

After discussion, all participants unanimously approved the documents named “Policies and Procedures for Working Groups Sponsored by Data Compression Standard Committee-for Entity” and “Policies and Procedures for Working Groups Sponsored by Data Compression Standard Committee-for Individual”. These documents should apply to all working groups of the Committee.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled at 4:00pm (Beijing Time Zone, GMT 8:00am) on August 29, 2020 in Xiamen, China. Remote attendees can request to set up teleconference service at least one week ahead of the meeting.

This resolution written by Xiaoxu Luan (secretary) is approved by all members. The meeting closed at 7:00pm June 12th, 2020.



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