Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

Resolution of the 4th Meeting of the IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee

The 4th meeting of IEEE C/DCSC was held via conference call. The agenda as annex.1 was approved by all attendees.

Dr. Feng WU presented patent slides at the meeting. A call for potentially essential patents was made, and no potentially essential patent claims were declared, and no holders of potentially essential patents were identified. All IEEE CS DCSC members could ask for the IEEE official patent document from the secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Data Compression Standard Committee:

A detailed user guide of “iMeetCentral” (free documentary management tool provided by IEEE SA) was presented. All members would progressively join it for internal documentation review.

P1857-Audio Video Coding Working Group

3 subgroups of P1857 are active. The 1857 working group plenary meeting was held this morning. The progress inside working groups are list below:

P1857.8: The project is waiting for the prepublication review notification.

P1857.9: 12 input documents from PKUSZ, Peng Cheng Lab, Migu and Tencent were reviewed. 5 proposals related to DIBR, reference software and specification have been adopted. 6 DoF Video WD7.0 will be outputted, and VSS4.0 software will be released. The project will proceed to call for new test sequences and depth coding model.

P857.10: The project is under developing as planned. More than 100 proposals were reviewed, and new coding tools have been adopted. The project will continue seeking for more efficient coding tools to improve the coding efficiency.

FVC-Future Video Coding Study Group:

FVC-SG received and discussed 8 technical proposals. 3 technical proposals are about the Test Model for Deep Learning-Based Image Compression, namely NIC. It is reported that NIC version 0.1 performs slightly worse than VTM in PSNR, but much better than VTM in MS-SSIM. However, there are some contrary evidences in the subjective evaluation. 5 technical proposals are about the further improvement on NIC, including block-based coding, encoder pre-processing, decoder speed improvement and perceptual quality optimization. FVC-SG plans to continue the investigation of Deep Learning-Based Image Compression. FVC-SG will further communicate with JPEG to resolve the issue raised by JPEG.

The officers of FVC has been updated during the meeting. The new chair is Dong Liu, and the vice chairs are Zhan Ma and Jiaying Liu.

AI Model Representation, Compression and Management:

The PAR for establishing this new working group is being submitted for NesCom (Agenda Date: September 21st, 2020).

The meeting minutes were written by Xiaoxu Luan. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled at 4:00pm (Beijing Time Zone, GMT 8:00am) on December 12th, 2020 at Xiamen, China. Remote attendees can request to set up teleconference service at least one week before the meeting.

This resolution written by Xiaoxu Luan (secretary) is approved on the meeting.

The meeting closed on August 28th, 2020.


Aug. 28, 2020

recorded by Xiaoxu Luan



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