DySPAN Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC)

IEEE 1900.3

IEEE 1900.3 Working Group on Recommended Practice for Conformance Evaluation of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Modules

IEEE 1900.3 WG has been disbanded.


New concepts and technologies are rapidly emerging in the fields of spectrum management, policy defined radio, adaptive radio and software defined radio, defined in 1900.1. A primary purpose of this initiative is to provide recommended practices that will help assure compliance with requirements for spectrum use by using formal mathematical concepts and methods. The methods developed in this document will provide an initial evaluation to be used before hardware testing and will support the evaluation being developed in 1900.2. This recommended practice will provide guidance for validity analysis of proposed SDR terminal software prior to programming and activation of an SDR terminal or SDR components. This recommended practice will provide guidance on how to estimate the conformance with relevant specifications of software intended for deployment into a SDR terminal. Concepts and methods to be used in these analysis will be detailed. Recommended practices will be developed to support quality control and testing. The goal of this effort it to assure that SDR software can be deployed with high confidence that it will operate within prescribed regulatory and operational limits. The guideline will apply to wireless network operators and terminal equipment manufacturers to help them define test guidelines that conform to SDR technologies, as described in 1900.1, to be licensed by regulatory authorities.


This recommended practice will provide technical guidelines for analyzing Software Defined Radio (SDR) software modules to ensure compliance with regulatory and operational requirements.


Douglas Sicker, PhD
IEEE 1900.3 Group Chair