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IEEE 1900.5

IEEE 1900.5 Working Group (WG) on Policy Language and Architectures for Managing Cognitive Radio for Dynamic Spectrum Access Applications


The IEEE Std 1900.5TM-2011 standard defines a vendor-independent set of policy-based control architectures and corresponding policy language requirements for managing the functionality and behavior of dynamic spectrum access networks. The scope of the IEEE 1900.5 WG is set by this standard and assigned project authorization requests (PAR) of which there are currently two (P1900.5.1 and P1900.5.2).

Current and ongoing work

Current status of the IEEE P1900.5 WG is that IEEE Std 1900.5TM-2011 was published in January 2012. Follow on work for P1900.5.1 and P1900.5.2 is in progress. An overview of Dynamic Spectrum Access Standardization activities with a focus on IEEE 1900.5 can be found here. Contact the IEEE 1900.5 Chair for participation information.

Call for Proposals:
IEEE 1900.5 is seeking proposals and contributions for its two existing PARs: P1900.5.1 and P1900.5.2. Please see below for additional details on those PARs.

Work in progress:
P1900.5.1: Draft Standard Policy Language for Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems.
Scope: This standard defines a vendor-independent policy language for managing the functionality and behavior of dynamic spectrum access networks based on the language requirements defined in the IEEE 1900.5 standard.
Status: The standard developed under PAR will take into consideration both the Policy Language Requirements of IEEE 1900.5 and the results of the Modeling Language for Mobility Work Group (MLM-WG) within the Wireless Innovation Forum (SDRF v2) Committee on Advanced Wireless Networking and Infrastructure. MLM-WG is developing use cases, an ontology, corresponding signaling plan, requirements and technical analysis of the information exchanges that enable next generation communications features such as spectrum awareness and dynamic spectrum adaptation, waveform optimization, capabilities, feature exchanges, and advanced applications. The MLM-WG expects this effort to lead to specifications/standards for languages and data exchange structures to support these capabilities.

P1900.5.2: Standard Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption
Scope: This standard defines a vendor-independent generalized method for modeling spectrum consumption of any type of use of RF spectrum and the attendant computations for arbitrating the compatibility among models. The methods of modeling are chosen to support the development of tractable algorithms for determining the compatibility between models and for performing various spectrum management tasks that operate on a plurality of models. The modeling methods are exclusively focused on capturing spectrum use but are defined in a schema that can be joined with other schemata of business processes of spectrum management or behavioral aspects of spectrum policy.
Status: PAR approved March 6, 2013. Work is beginning and based on Model-Based Spectrum Management (Stine, Schmitz 2011) contributions from MITRE.

P1900.5.a (Future work not yet started): This will provide an amendment to IEEE Std 1900.5TM-2011 defining the detailed interfaces between policy architecture components.

Working group procedures

Working group documents

  • WG documents including contributions, agendas, and minutes can be found here


John Stine (IEEE 1900.5 Working Group Chair)

Carlos Caicedo, PhD (IEEE 1900.5 Working Group Vice Chair)

Eric Lindahl (IEEE 1900.5 Working Group Secretary)