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Working Group 181 (formerly SCOPT)

The goal of the Working Group (WG) 181 (formerly Subcommittee on Pulse Techniques (SCOPT)) is to promote and facilitate accurate and precise communication of the terms used in the description of transition, pulse, and related waveforms and the techniques and procedures for measuring them.  These waveforms are the basis for electrical pulse technology that is used in digital electronics, such as computers, telecommunications, and test-instrumentation.  The WG181developed and maintains the IEEE Std 181, “IEEE Standard for Transitions, Pulses, and Related Waveforms.”  This standard contains the definitions and methods for computation of approximately 100 terms used in the description of these waveforms.

Published Standards:

Active Projects: (kick-off meeting not held)

  • Project 181 (P181), revision to IEEE Std 181-2011
    Title: Standard for Transitions, Pulses, and Related Waveforms
    Scope: Approximately 100 terms and their definitions, for accurately and precisely describing the waveforms of pulse signals and the process of measuring pulse signals, are presented in this standard. Algorithms are provided for computing the values of defined terms that describe measurable parameters of the waveform, such as transition duration, state level, pulse amplitude, and waveform aberrations. These analysis algorithms are applicable to two-state waveforms having one or two transitions connecting these states. Compound waveform analysis is accomplished by decomposing the compound waveform into its constituent two-state single-transition waveforms.
    PAR Approval Date: 09-Feb-2021
    PAR Expiration Date: 31-Dec-2025
    Project Authorization Request (PAR) 181 

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