The TC10 scope covers the science, technology, and application of electronic instrumentation and electrical measurement. TC10 is actively revising two of its standards for electric components:

The revision of two other standards is pending a formal announcement and kick-off meeting:

  • IEEE 181-2011TM –  IEEE Standard for Transitions, Pulses, and Related Waveforms                      (181 Working Group Website)
  • IEEE 1696-2013TM –  IEEE Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Circuit Probes            (1696 Working Group Website)

For your reference, the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society TC10 Waveform Generation and Measurement Standards Committee has developed, published, and maintains the standards listed below:

If you are interested in participating in the Standards Committee, please send an email to: IM-WMA-TC10-OFFICERS@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG.

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