IEEE Sensors Advisory Committee Leadership Summit

Resolving Interoperability and Cybersecurity Issues for IoT-Enabled Sensor Devices

18-19 October 2023 | Hawk Tower, 255 South King Street | Seattle, WA

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Participation is open to any entities interested in joining the IoT Sensors Advisory Committee. To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out the IoT Sensors Advisory Committee interest form.

Industry experts from leading companies have identified requirements to help mitigate or resolve interoperability and cybersecurity for IoT enabled sensor devices. The requirements were gathered from various events and a broad range of experts and can be found in this White Paper – IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP)—IEEE Industry Roundtable Meeting—Interoperability And Cybersecurity for IoT-Enabled Sensor Devices.


IoT Sensors Advisory Committee Officers

Julian Chang (Boeing), Chair
Sridhar Kowdley (US DHS), Vice Chair
Ted Osinski (IEEE SA), Staff Lead

IoT Sensors Advisory Sub-Committee Chairs

Architecture and Data
Andrew Silveri (Lockheed Martin, Interim)

Jim Mininger (Lockheed Martin)

Kyoko Roberts (Hitachi)

Ravinder Dahia (Northeastern University)