Who Should Participate

  • Academia
  • Cybersecurity providers
  • Integrators
  • SDOs, consortia
  • Sensor and actuators manufacturers
  • Sensor Routers/gateway
  • Software (communication protocols, applications, cloud services)
  • User companies
  • US government agencies


  • The primary goal of this activity will be to reduce, if not eliminate, the interoperability and cybersecurity problems.
  • Develop Implementation Guidelines (for different types of sensors using different communication protocols), Cybersecurity Architecture Guidelines, Test Plans for ICAP, On-line Data Dictionaries, Standardized Sensors Data Sheets, Certification, Sensor Registry, Educational Programs, and other services
Membership Structure Membership 1
(annual turnover of more than USD $500 million)
Membership 2
(annual turnover of USD $150 to $500 million)
Membership 3
(annual turnover less than USD $5 million)
Membership 4
(Academic Institutions,
Associations, Not for Profit, Government Agencies)
Annual Fees USD $20,000 USD $10,000 USD $5,000 USD $2,000

IEEE SA entity members shall receive a 10% discount

Membership fees are billed on an annual basis for members that join during the year.

Participation in IoT Sensors Committee activities will commence when the membership agreement is signed.