Architecture and Data

Develop standards-based reference architecture models, data visibility and sharing models.  For the IoT sensors to take advantage of the internet, they must have unique identifiers, use standard vocabulary and sensor taxonomy. This subcommittee will also provide recommendations to other subcommittees to ensure that all work is harmonized.


Focus on cybersecurity for IoT sensor devices and networks. The work may involve writing a variety of recommendations and reports such as a report on the risks, cybersecurity “hygiene” capabilities in IoT devices, creation of a list of cyber controls. The foundational work will involve creation of cybersecurity architecture, defining approaches for cybersecurity testing, and defining levels of cybersecurity for IoT sensor devices.


Focus on sensors connectivity to servers/routers, smartphones, and a cloud. The work will involve, writing implementation guidelines, creating standard interoperability data sheet, creating open-source APIs and other items as requested by participants of the IEEE Roundtable meeting of industry experts


Sustainable development is an approach to development that looks to balance different needs with an awareness of the environmental, social, and economic limitations we face as a society. It’s about finding better ways to do things, both for the present and the future.  For example, work on combo sensors will reduce the number of physical sensors.  Sensor provisioning features will make batteries and sensors last longer by optimizing energy consumptions. Promoting these solutions to industry will make a difference.