This program is open to a variety of stakeholders including sensors manufacturers, software providers (cybersecurity, communication protocols, and applications), test laboratories, US regulators, integrators, and academia.

Why Join?

  • Contribute technical resource, develop standard(s), recommendations, architecture, interfaces, data, registries, and other artifacts to increase interoperability among sensor devices and reduce cybersecurity threats.
  • Provide recommendations for device manufacturers, in support of cybersecurity protection as defined in the Public Law No. 116-207, Section 2, Item 4.
  • Increase participation and member success across industry as IoT Sensors help guide and influence deliverables.
  • Establish a network of key stakeholders as an active member within the IoT Sensors community.
  • A forum for the dissemination of best practices and shared discussions on issues of conformance, performance,
    certification, interoperability, cybersecurity, and other related topics.

The participating companies will be able to realize several benefits:

Benefits and Privileges Membership 1
(annual turnover of more than USD $500 million)
Membership 2
(annual turnover of USD $150 to $500 million)
“Membership 3
(annual turnover less than USD $5 million)”
“Membership 4
(Academic Institutions,
Associations, Not for Profit, Government Agencies)”
Attend IEEE Sensors Events

Contribute to the white paper

Develop or adopt taxonomy for Sensor Categories

Participate in General Meetings

Early mover advantage

Participate in multiple committees (Cybersecurity, Interoperability, Sustainability)

Recommend Best Approach to access Combo Sensors

Recommend Best Approach to access Location Sensors

Serve in Committee Leadership Roles (Cybersecurity, Interoperability, Sustainability)

Voting Rights

Define goals, scope, deliverables, milestones and timeline

Recommend standards for inclusion in the Sensors IoT Architecture

Define Requirements for Sensor Testing

Define sensor events and data to be stored and shared in the Cloud

Influence and have early access to cyber-built-in-tests for IoT devices

Participate in testing events

Influence and have early access to deliverables