International Consortium for Innovation and Collaboration in Learning Engineering

December 2020 Newsletter

No ICICLE monthly community call in December.  Our next community call will be on Wednesday, 20 January 2021.

Learning Engineering updates, programs and connections
Jim Goodell published a post on Why Engineering is Needed for Scale describing how learning at scale needs both learning and engineering. It was initially presented at Learning @ Scale conference.

Listen to Aaron Kessler discuss The Learning Engineering Process on Dr. Luke Hobson’s podcast. He talks about the learning engineering process, framework and his research.

The Next Frontier of Learning Engineering: AI That Teaches Other AI by Rebecca Koenig is EdSurge‘s most recent article in the series, Better, Faster, Stronger: How Learning Engineering Aims to Transform Education. Researchers are working to create AI tools that make it easier for almost anyone to build an AI tutor.

Are you interested in learning more about earning engineering? The Master’s Program in Learning Engineering at Boston College prepares students to design engaging learning experiences informed by the learning sciences and incorporating cutting-edge technologies. It is a one-year, on-campus program focused on design for fostering deep and meaningful learning. In addition to courses and modules, you will complete multiple design challenges, shadow working professionals, and an internship. These experiences will help you develop skills needed to become a leader in designing and advocating for learners. Contact Janet Kolodner or Brian Smith. On December 21st, there is a webinar to learn about the program.

We welcome everyone’s participation in the SIGs.

The Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG relaunched on December 4th and is starting up work on compiling learning engineering related competencies.

The topic at the last Corporate MIG (market interest group) was intelligent tutoring systems. The SIG meets on the last Friday of the month at 11:00 ET. Links to recording and documentation are in the meeting notes. Please contact Jessie Chuang for more information.

The Design SIG is interested understanding the landscape of design in other spaces. The SIG meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 2 pm ET.  Meeting link is in the Agenda and Meeting Notes.

The Tools SIG is preparing an instrumentation brief to discuss what is it and how to do it. The next meeting is last Thursday of the month at 2 pm ET. The meeting link is in the Agenda and Meeting Notes.

We always love to hear about your experiences and reflections on learning engineering.  Share them at the monthly meeting, LinkedIn, Twitter or contact us.

Wishing you happy holidays. See you in 2021!