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Learning Engineering related job descriptions


Proceedings of the 2019 ICICLE conference

The document features the work of conference participants and will highlight the work accomplished by the SIGs. Just as the conference was designed as a conversation as opposed to a traditional reading-of-papers, the Proceedings will exist as an artifact produced out of the conference and will provide a baseline against which future development in the profession and academic discipline of Learning Engineering may gauge growth.

Learning Engineering: Improving Organizational Learning With Artificial Intelligence, Training Industry, July 24, 2020

2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition

In the 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition the “Elevation of Instructional Design, Learning Engineering, and UX Design in Pedagogy in Practice” is one of the six Emerging Technologies and Practices.

The Science of Remote Learning edited by Jim Goodell and Aaron Kessler

How ‘Learning Engineering’ Hopes to Speed Up Education Jeff Young

Why Education Is a ‘Wicked Problem’ for Learning Engineers to Solve Ashok Goel

Teaming up to Improve Medical/Healthcare Education: Instructional Design & Learning Engineering in the Journal of Applied Instructional Design Dina Kurzweil and Karen (Beth) Marcellas

Medical Researchers Find Cures by Conducting Many Studies and Failing Fast. We Need to Do the Same for Education Mark Schneider and Kumar Garg


Are You Doing Learning Engineering—Or Instructional Design? Jim Goddell

What Does Learning Engineering Mean for Instructional Design and EdTech? Ellen Wagner

Learning Engineering? Instructional Design? Jane Bozwarth

Learning Engineering: Making Education More “Professional” Ellen Wagner


Learning Engineering and the Future of eLearning Ellen Wagner and Olivia Blackmon

7 Things to Know about Learning Engineering Ellen Wagner, Shelly Blake-Plock, Robby Robson, Avron Barr

Learning Engineering: The Next Wave for eLearning Ellen Wagner and Olivia Blackmon

Learning Engineers Inch Toward the Spotlight Mark Lieberman

The Rise of Learning Engineering Ellen Wagner and Jodi Lis

All Rise the Learning Engineers (podcast) Aaron Barr, Robby Robson

Get Ready for Learning Engineering Clark Quinn

The Rise of Learning Engineering Ellen Wagner

ICICLE: A Consortium for Learning Engineering Shelly Blake-Plock

Learning Engineering: Merging Science and Data to Design Powerful Learning Shelly Blake-Plock

Job Descriptions

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OpenSimon is a learning engineering community at the Simon Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University to improve learning outcomes and advance understanding of human learning

Learning Agency launched a Learning Engineering Google Group.  A newsletter, Learning Engineering Quarterly, published by University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning is designed to complement the Google Group.

The Playful Journey Lab, together with the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili), has started their Learning Engineering Journey to explore the practice of learning engineering in the Learning Engineering Project Blueprint