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  • April 2024 Newsletter

    ICICLE April 17th 2024 Community Call is a Conversation on State of Learning Engineering: The Future

    The ICICLE monthly community call is April 17th at 12pm ET. This month’s conversation will be the “State of Learning Engineering: The Future.” Last month we had a fantastic discussion about the “State of Learning Engineering: Then and Now.” Members of the ICICLE community shared observations, stories, and a few resources. This month we will continue the conversation and discuss the future of learning engineering. What trends are you aware of and what are you exploring as you consider what learning engineering will mean and look like in the future? How can we prepare for it? Bring your voice, energy, and thoughts to this month’s call.

    We’ll be meeting via Webex for the community call. (See details below with meeting code and password.) It is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

    Learning Engineering Background Resources for our discussion on the Future
    As we look toward to the future of the learning engineering, let’s return to background resources about learning engineering. What has changed? What is the same? What have we learned that we can apply toward the future?

    ICICLE 2024 Learning Engineering Conference, July 22-24, 2024, ASU
    Coming soon! Registration for the ICICLE 2024 Learning Engineering Conference, “Solving for Complexity at Scale” organized in conjunction with ASU Learning Engineering Institute will soon be open, and those who submitted proposals will be contacted. Watch out for those notifications! Get excited for a fantastic conference!

    Share your favorite tool on the Tools for Learning Engineering Survey

    There is an abundance of tools that ICICLE community engages with to support learning engineering in practice. Share a tool that you are using or want to learn more about in Tools for Learning Engineering Survey. (It will take less than five minutes.) It could be any technology, from paper-and-pencil to large language models. The list will be available to assist you in the future in identifying tools to supporting your solutions. 

    IEEE Education Week is this week
    IEEE Education Week highlights educational programs and resources for students, educators, and technical professionals on a journey of lifelong learning. Check out IEEE Education Society events and resources to enhance tech and business skills that relate and are application to learning engineering.

    Special and Market Interest Group Work

    Special Interest Groups and Market Interest Groups is where much of the work in ICICLE happens. The groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. Participate in one, two or all of them.

    Please check SIG/MIG page for general information and the calendar and website for updates to meeting days/times. (Times are in Eastern Time.)

    We look forward to seeing you at our April 17th community call to discuss the “State of Learning Engineering: Now and Future.” The next community call is May 15th, 2024. 

  • March 2024 Newsletter

    ICICLE March 20th 2024 Community Call is a Conversation on the State of Learning Engineering: Then and Now

  • February 2024 Newsletter

    February 2024 community call’s discussion, “IRB and Data Sharing: District and Research Perspectives” is a follow up to January’s presentation “Conducting Ethical Research with pK-12 Students.”

  • January 2024 Newsletter

    Kayla Morehead from Denver, Colorado, USA Public Schools will be sharing her experience about “Conducting Ethical Research with pK-12 Students.”

  • December 2023 Newsletter

    Guest Speaker is YOU! What was your 2023 learning engineering highlight? What would you like your 2024 highlight to be?

  • November 2023 Newsletter

    Learn about the K12 Open Context Exchange (OCX), a specification for publishing OER on the web and packaging that OER for exchange with other parties and how it is showcasing the OER schema which is to unify OER content on the web to a standard vocabulary to enhance its discoverability in indexes and allow content to be more easily remixed…

  • October 2023 Newsletter

    “Live at AECT” – ICICLEists are participating at the Association for Education Communications and Technology Conference (AECT) and share what they learned, spoke about and answer questions.

  • September 2023 Newsletter

    ICICLE is exploring how to adapt our learning to contexts globally and support educators and learners worldwide.

  • August 2023 Newsletter

    Learn about the intersection of the learning technology standards, ADL’s Total Learning Architecture and learning engineering.

  • July 2023 Newsletter

    ICICLE Learning Engineering Conference is July 24th-26th at CMU!

  • June 2023 Newsletter

    2023 ICICLE Learning Engineering Conference is next month. Get a sneak preview of the activities, events, speakers and all that will be happening at the conference!

  • May 2023 Newsletter

    Megan Torrance, CEO of Torrance Learning, talks about all things xAPI, data, analytics and learning.

  • April 2023 Newsletter

    Vic Vuchic, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Promise, joins the community call to discuss Learner Variability Project, other Digital Promise initiatives and their relationship to learning engineering.

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