• September 2023 Newsletter

    ICICLE September 20th 2023 Community Call on Global Education, UNESCO Digital Learning Week, Technical Standards, and Learning Engineering

    The ICICLE monthly community call is September 20th at 12pm ET. As the academic year begins in the Northern hemisphere, ICICLE is exploring how to adapt our learning to contexts globally and support educators and learners worldwide. The ICICLE community has been expanding with participants from many countries. There’s a keen interest to connect those interested in expanding learning engineering globally. IEEE has affiliations and activities worldwide, and the Learning Technology Standards Committee‘s work on standards is applicable and relevant to any level of education in all regions.

    Jodi Lis, who has been working in the digital learning sector internationally for over two decades and one of the Learning Engineering Toolkit authors, will open the discussion and introduce people interested in adapting our work to the global educational community. She recently spoke at the UNESCO Digital Learning Week about learning engineering and technical standards and will share publications and reflections about digital learning on an international scale.

    We’ll be meeting via Webex for the community call. (See details below with meeting code and password.) It is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

    Talking about Learning Engineering

    A complete xAPI toolset for Learning Engineering The YET LE portfolio is complete set of tools needed to implement any aspect of xAPI in a Learning Engineering project. From data design and xAPI Profile authoring, to data validation, to the implementation of business logic and interoperable connectivity to business systems, to synthetic data simulation, the tools are intended to embolden and advance Learning Engineering.

    Launch of the 2023-2024 Tools Competition, 21st September 2023
    The Tools Competition catalyzes edtech innovation for learning and research. It leverages digital technology, big data, and learning science to meet the needs of learners worldwide. Register for the launch on 21st September to learn about the process.

    Learning Engineering Research Network (LERN) Convening, 4th December 2023, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
    The Learning Engineering Institute at Arizona State University will have an Learning Engineering Research Network (LERN) Convening in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on December 4, 2023. The convening will provide an overview of the newly founded ASU Learning Engineering Institute, discuss progress in developing the Learning@Scale platform, and share ideas on the future of learning engineering in the age of AI. If you are interested in attending the convening, fill out this form.

    Empowering Learners for the Age of AI (ELAI) Global Online Conference 23rd -25th October 2023 and in person 5th-7th December 2023 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

    • Information about panelskeynotes and free registration for the Empowering Learners for the Age of AI Global Online Conference 23rd-25th October 2023.
    • Following the ASU LERN Convening on 4th December, the in-person ELAI conference will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona on 5th-7th December. Panel proposals are currently being accepted. Information about keynotes and registration.

    Special and Market Interest Group Work
    The Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. Everyone is welcome to join one, two or all the SIGs and MIGs.

    Please check website home page for updates to meeting days and times.

    • Competencies: The Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG will meet on Friday, September 29th 3pm ET. Meeting information is in the Agenda and Notes.
    • Design: The Design for Learning SIG  is meeting on Tuesday, September 26th at 2pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
    • Tools/Instrumentation: The Tools SIG will meet on Thursday, September 28th at 2pm ET to discuss instrumentation and learning data. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
    • Higher Education MIG: The next meeting for the Higher Education MIG is in October 3rd 2023 at 12pm ET.
    • Corporate MIG: Corporate/Workforce MIG is meeting on Friday, October 6th at 11am ET. Meeting link is posted in Agenda and Notes.
    • K-12 MIG: The next meeting for the K-12 MIG (market-interest group) will be Wednesday, October 11th at 12pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
    • Students and Grads: The Students and Grads of Learning Engineering SIG will meet on Wednesday, October 11th at 4pm ET. Meeting link is in Agenda and Notes.

    Let’s keep talking about learning engineering. Post in our Linkedin group or send an email with your update to put in this newsletter. We want to share your insights and work.

    We look forward to your participation at the community call on September 20th to explore ideas on expanding the ICICLE community and adapting the learning engineering process to global and local contexts.

    Our next community call is scheduled for October 18th.

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