IEEE ICICLE Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ICICLE supports a variety of SIGs, all of which will present work at the International Conference on Learning Engineering. ICICLE SIGs are key to our success in developing and supporting the field of Learning Engineering.

The SIGs meet to plan and discuss projects related to the field. Each SIG contributes papers and projects to be presented at the International Conference on Learning Engineering. These papers and presentations then comprise the published material of the Proceedings of the conference. SIG Chairs are responsible for attending the monthly ICICLE community call where they provide updates on the work of the SIG. The SIGs are supported by committee members with editing, technical, and a variety of outreach and messaging endeavors. Each SIG is responsible for developing its own schedule focused on providing the paper and presentation deliverables to the conference.

All of ICICLE’s SIG activities are open to the public and we welcome wide participation. To sign up for a SIG, please contact one of the Chairs below to indicate your interest.

Special and Market Interest Groups (SIGs & MIGs), 2020-2022

Special Interest Groups (SIGs), 2017-2019