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Learning Engineering Toolkit

The Learning Engineering Toolkit

Learning Engineering Toolkit

The Learning Engineering Toolkit is a practical guide to the rich and varied applications of learning engineering, a rigorous and fast-emerging discipline that synthesizes the learning sciences, instructional design, engineering design, and other methodologies to support learners. As learning engineering becomes an increasingly formalized discipline and practice, new insights and tools are needed to help education, training, design, and data analytics professionals iteratively develop, test, and improve complex systems for engaging and effective learning. Written in a colloquial style and full of collaborative, actionable strategies, this book explores the essential foundations, approaches, and real-world challenges inherent to ensuring participatory, data-driven, learning experiences across populations and contexts.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Chris Dede

Preface by Bror Saxberg

Introduction by Jim Goodell

Part 1. Foundations: Essential Concepts in Learning Engineering

  • Chapter 1. Learning Engineering is a Process
  • Chapter 2. Learning Engineering Applies the Learning Sciences
  • Chapter 3. Learning Engineering is Human-Centered
  • Chapter 5. Learning Engineering Uses Data (Part 1): Instrumentation
  • Chapter 6. Learning Engineering Uses Data (Part 2): Analytics
  • Chapter 7. Learning Engineering is Ethical

Part 2. Tools: Short Practical Chapters with Easy-Reference Checklists, Guides, + Templates

  • Chapter 8. Tools for Understanding the Challenge
  • Chapter 9. Tools from the Learning Sciences
  • Chapter 10. Tools for Teaming
  • Chapter 11. Lean-Agile Development Tools
  • Chapter 12. Human-Centered Design Tools
  • Chapter 13. Data Instrumentation Tools
  • Chapter 14. Software and Technology Standards as Tools
  • Chapter 15. Tools for Learner Motivation
  • Chapter 16. Implementation Tools
  • Chapter 17. Ethical Decision-Making Tools
  • Chapter 18. Data Analysis Tools

Part 3. Vision and Commentary: A Short Story About Learning Engineering in the Future

  • Chapter 19. The Future World with Learning Engineering: A Story