International Consortium for Innovation and Collaboration in Learning Engineering

April 2022 Newsletter

ICICLE April 2022 Community Call with Dr. Maiga Chan, Chair IEEE Technical Community of Learning Technology

The ICICLE monthly community call is April 20th at 12pm ET. We’re excited to have Dr. Maiga Chan, Professor, School of Computing Information and SystemsAthabasca University. His research areas focus on game-based learning, training and assessment, learning behaviour, data mining and artificial intelligence, intelligent agent technology, and natural language processing. He is chair of the IEEE Technical Community of Learning Technology (TCLT) and on executive committee of many groups including the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education and International Association of Smart Learning Environments.

The IEEE Technical Community of Learning Technology promotes research and development of learning technologies and fosters collaboration among academic and professional communities. Dr. Chan will share activities of the TCLT and discuss opportunities for ICICLE to engage with the TCLT.

We’ll be meeting via Webex (See details below with meeting code and password). The call is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

SAVE THE DATE for the ICICLE Conference on Learning Engineering  26-28 July 2022, MIT Campus, Boston, MA USA
We are thrilled to announce the 2022 ICICLE Conference on Learning Engineering! Join a diverse group of professionals to deepen your understanding of learning engineering. The conference will launch an exciting new book on learning engineering, the Learning Engineering Toolkit.  The book will frame the themes for interactive sessions on the learning engineering process, core concepts, and breadth of applicability.

The conference will be onsite at MIT Campus, Boston, MA, US from 26th – 28th July 2022. Draft program is here. We will announce registration shortly.

Talking about Learning Engineering
The article, Learning Engineering: A View on Where the Field Is at, Where It’s Going, and the Research Needed, by Ryan S. Baker, Ulrich Boser, and Erica L. Snow in Technology, Mind and Behavior looks to identify key areas within the science and engineering of learning that could lead to major improvements in educational outcomes.

In the podcast, Bring Out the Talent from The Training Associates, Dr. Michael Noble, President (Americas) Area9 Lyceum discusse the role for learning engineers and why it’s not just another trend in From Designer to Engineer, New Roles for Learning Professionals.

This list of What is Learning Engineering? has these definitions of learning engineering:

  1. An effort to combine learning science with engineering to improve the design of environments using multiple media and applications to improve learning outcomes. From Fostering Collaborative Open Simulation for Next-Gen Enterprise Learning Ecosystems
  2. Learning engineers work to champion evidence-informed best practices for learning design and create replicable experiences and systems across programs to improve learning efficacy. From Laying the Foundation for a Micro-Credential Strategy: Lessons Learned
  3. An effort to combine learning science with engineering to improve the design of environments using multiple media and applications to improve learning outcomes. From Advancing Personal Learning and Transdisciplinarity for Developing Identity and Community

Special and Market Interest Group Work
The Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. All are open to join any group!

Please join the community call on April 20th at 12pm ET to meet Dr. Maiga Chan, Professor, School of Computing Information and SystemsAthabasca University and learn about the activities of IEEE Technical Community of Learning Technology and opportunities for ICICLE to engage with the TCLT.

We welcome your participation and want to hear from you the work that you are doing. We look forward to seeing you at the community call on April 20th!