International Consortium for Innovation and Collaboration in Learning Engineering

October 2022 Newsletter

ICICLE October 19th 2022 Community Call with Kristin Torrence, Head of Learning Engineering, Talespin

The ICICLE monthly community call is October 19th at 12pm ET via Webex. We’re thrilled to have Kristin Torrence, Head of Learning Engineering at Talespin, an immersive reality company. Kristin focuses on designing experiential virtual reality solutions. Her background is in cognitive science, game-based learning, and instructional design, and she is particularly interested in the intersection of learning science, XR, and learning analytics. She co-founded XR in LXD, a meetup, and community of practice for IDs/LXDs interested in designing XR solutions. She’ll share her experiences applying learning engineering to VR and about designing and evaluating in VR.

We’ll be meeting via Webex. The call is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

Talking about Learning Engineering
How are you using the Learning Engineering Toolkit? MIT Open Learning is hosting a book club on the toolkit. This book club is one of several ways that people are starting to discuss learning engineering in higher education, corporate L&D and learning industry contexts. A dean is implementing the process from the toolkit in faculty professional development, and a professor is applying ideas from chapters in her classes. Let us know if you’re running your own book club, using it in a course, sharing it with your team or other ways. In an interview with Steve Ritter, a contributing author to the Learning Engineering Toolkit, he describes How to Bring Learning Engineering Principles to Your Classroom and what teachers should know about learning engineering to apply it in teaching practices.  

The Learning Agency Lab‘s Learning Engineering Ambassador Program will be hosting a virtual discussion on October 27th to discuss the utility of blending learning engineering and product management approaches to the edtech product lifecycle.

It’s conference month! At Association for Education Communications and Technology International Convention Jim Goodell and Dina Kurzweil will speak October 25th on “ICICLE – A Practical Guide to Learning Engineering.” Aaron Kessler and Lauren Totino will share their experience applying learning engineering in “An Evidence-Based Approach to Supporting MIT Instructors with Lightboard Video Creation” on October 26th. ICICLEist Anne Fensie will be talking about “Designing Instruction for Adult Learners in Distance Education Using Evidence-Based Practices” on October 24th. 

At DevLearn Kristin Torrence, our speaker at this month’s community call, has a session,“Building Better VR Solutions with Learning Engineering Practices,” on October 27th.

Special and Market Interest Group Work
We started a new group, Students and GradsSpecial Interest Group, and the K-12 Market Interest Group was relaunched in October!

These Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. Please check website home page for updates to meeting days and times. Everyone is welcome!

How have you been applying learning engineering?  Please tag us in a tweet @ieeeicicle, post in our Linkedin group, share at the community call or send an email with your update to put in the newsletter. We want to hear all about the amazing work that you do!

We look forward to seeing you at the community call on October 19th with Kristin Torrence, Head of Learning Engineering at Talespin, when she’ll share about her experiences applying learning engineering to VR and at monthly SIG and MIG meetings.