International Consortium for Innovation and Collaboration in Learning Engineering

November 2022 Newsletter

ICICLE November 16th 2022 Community Call with Lauren Kordonowy on University of New Hampshire’s Student Cognition Toolbox

The ICICLE monthly community call is November 16th at 12pm ET. We’re excited to hear from Lauren Kordonowy, Science of Learning Project Coordinator, Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and LearningUniversity of New Hampshire on the implementation of the University’s Student Cognition Toolbox. The Toolbox is a short course companion (meaning it can be used in conjunction with other courses) introducing and providing direct practice in study strategies that are informed by learning science research. Material from domain-specific courses, like psychology, statistics, or chemistry (for example) is used to illustrate the application of the study strategies.

Lauren will also highlight how learning data has been collected and used for iterative improvement efforts as the course has been delivered through the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) platform.

Our December community call is moved up a week. It will be on Wednesday, December 14th. We want to see you again before the end of the year!

We’ll be meeting via Webex (See details below with meeting code and password). The call is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

Talking about Learning Engineering
How are you using the Learning Engineering Toolkit? We’d love to know how you are applying and adapting the toolkit to your context at the community call.

Watch a short video with Katerina Schenke in which she explains how Duolingo uses learning engineering on EdTech Recharge’s LinkedIn post. Read about a visit to Duolingo in What We Discovered at the Roots of Learning Engineering (starting on page 10) from the ICICLE 2019 Proceedings.

The “Practical Guide to Learning Engineering” tutorial at I/ITSEC 2022 has been nominated as one of the three best tutorials at the conference. It’s happening November 28th with Sae Schatz and Jim Goodell.

Why and how are you collecting what learning data? Are you using xAPi? Take a look at Don’t Just Give Me All the Data – Align KPIs with xAPI by Jason Haag. for ideas and concepts to identify the reasons for measuring, establish reporting requirements, understand types of measures and how to align the reporting goals and measures with the xAPI data collection requirements.

Have a tool to address K12 to adult learning? Check out two learning engineering competitions:

Special and Market Interest Group Work
The Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. We’ve had lots of interest in new Students and Grads Special Interest Group and relaunch of the K-12 Market Interest Group. Everyone is welcome to join one, two or all the SIGs and MIGs!

Please check website home page for updates to meeting days and times.

  • Students and Grads: The Students and Grads of Learning Engineering SIG will be meeting Wednesday, November 16th at 4pm ET and next on December 7th at 4pm ET. Meeting link is in Agenda and Notes. Contact SIG co-chair for more information.
  • Instrumentation: The Tools SIG will be meeting on Thursday, November 17th at 2pm. The SIG is documenting use cases and data descriptions for learning experiences and sharing ideas about learning data.
  • Corporate: Corporate MIG (market interest group) works with L&D community on how to adapt the learning engineering process. The SIG will meet on December 2nd at 11am ET. Contact SIG Chair for more information.
  • Higher Education: The next meeting for the Higher Education MIG (market interest group) is Tuesday, December 6th at 12pm ET, exploring themes of learning engineering in a higher education context. Contact the SIG chair for meeting link
  • Competencies: The Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG will be meeting on Friday, December 9th at 3 pm ET to discuss competency domains.
  • Design: The Design for Learning SIG will meet on Tuesday, December 20th at 2 pm. It usually meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 2 pm.
  • K-12: There is no K-12 Market Interest Group in December. The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 at 12pm ET. Contact SIG chair for meeting link.

How have you been applying learning engineering? Please tag us in a tweet @ieeeicicle, post in our Linkedin group, share at the community call or send an email with your update to put in the newsletter. We want to hear all about the amazing work that you do!

We look forward to seeing you at the community call on November 16th with Lauren Kordonowy who will describe the University of New Hampshire’s Student Cognition Toolbox and at monthly SIG and MIG meetings.

Remember to mark you calendars that our December community call will be Wednesday, December 14th.