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August 2023 Newsletter

ICICLE August 16th 2023 Community Call with Andy Johnson, Specifications & Standards Manager, Advanced Distributed Learning

The ICICLE monthly community call is August 16st at 12pm ET. We are thrilled to have Andy Johnson, Specifications & Standards Manager (SETA Contractor), Advanced Distributed Learning join our community call. Andy is the Vice-Chair of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (of which ICICLE is a part of) and leads and supports the development of several learning technology standards including Learning Metadata Terms and xAPI profiles. He works with the Advanced Distributed Learning on initiatives such as the Total Learning Architecture, an approach to integrating current and emerging learning technologies into a learning services ecosystem. Andy will describe the intersection of the learning engineering process with these standards and ecosystems and provide details about the ADL’s recent TLA Plugfest.

We’ll be meeting via Webex for the community call. (See details below with meeting code and password.) It is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

2023 ICICLE Learning Engineering Conference, 24th-26th July

The  2023 ICICLE Conference on Learning Engineering: Grounding Theory in Practice was filled with much learning, energy, excitement and fun. During the community call, we’ll have a debrief and ask for your take-aways, insights, favorite moments and wishes for 2024 conference.

We’re in the process of organizing presentations, resources and videos to make them available. We can’t wait to share everything with you! 

Talking about Learning Engineering

On Silver Lining for Learning episode, The Art and Science of Learning Engineering, Danielle McNamara, Scotty Craig, and Rod Roscoe of the new Learning Engineering Institute (LEI) at Arizona State University discuss learning engineering and the approaches that LEI is taking to revolutionize education, foster accessibility and effectiveness, and customize learning experiences to empower learners and educators.

In the paper, The Value Proposition of e Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) for the Field of Learning Engineering (starting on page 87 of the Proceedings of the 11th Annual GIFT Users Symposium), Shelly Blake-Plock, Kevin Owens and Jim Goodell wrote about how GIFT provides a tool and example for future learning engineering.

During an episode of the Leading Learning podcast, Modern Learning with Sae Schatz, Sae shared her vision of how learning experience design, learning ecosystems, and learning engineering fit together to help organizations create and deliver effective products as well as insights from her work in Ukraine.

Special and Market Interest Group Work
The Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. Everyone is welcome to join one, two or all the SIGs and MIGs.

Please check website home page for updates to meeting days and times. With vacation and summer schedules, some of the SIGs/MIGs scheduled at the end of August may have shifted.

  • Corporate MIG: Corporate/Workforce MIG is meeting on Friday, August 25th at 11am ET. Meeting link is posted in Agenda and Notes.
  • Competencies: The Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG will meet on Friday, August 25th 3pm ET. Meeting information is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Design: The Design for Learning SIG  is meeting on Tuesday, August 29th at 2pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Tools/Instrumentation: The Tools SIG will meet on Thursday, August 31st at 2pm ET to discuss instrumentation and learning data. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Higher Education MIG: The next meeting for the Higher Education MIG is in September 5th 2023 at 12pm ET.
  • K-12 MIG: The next meeting for the K-12 MIG (market-interest group) will be Wednesday, September 13th at 12pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Students and Grads: The Students and Grads of Learning Engineering SIG will meet on Wednesday, September 13th at 4pm ET. Meeting link is in Agenda and Notes.

Let’s keep talking about learning engineering. Post in our Linkedin group or send an email with your update to put in this newsletter. We want to share your insights and work.

We look forward to your participation at the community call on August 16th to share your take-aways and favorite moments of the 2023 conference and learn from Andy Johnson, Specifications & Standards Manager, Advanced Distributed Learning.

Our next community call is scheduled for September 20th.