International Consortium for Innovation and Collaboration in Learning Engineering

October 2023 Newsletter

ICICLE October 18th 2023 Community Call: Learning Engineering Live at Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference

The ICICLE monthly community call is October 18th at 12pm ET. It’s conference season, and our community is engaged with and contributing to several conferences. ICICLEists are participating this week at the Association for Education Communications and Technology Conference (AECT). They are talking about learning engineering in the capacity of learning experience design, transforming work, tracking decisions while iterating, instrumenting data, and professional practices. We’ll welcome them for a “Live at AECT” on the community call to share what they learned, spoke about and answer questions.

We’ll be meeting via Webex for the community call. (See details below with meeting code and password.) It is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.


Here’s a few conferences that are of interest to our community happening October-December 2023. They are mostly USA-based. We would love to learn about conferences happening in your part of the world. Please email us at [email protected] to let us know about conferences that you participate in and would be of interest to the community.

IEEE Frontiers in Education 2023, October 18th-24th in-person, Texas, USA.
Session on “What If We Use Engineering to Develop and Deliver Engineering Education?”

Human Factors on Ergonomics Meeting, October 23rd-27th in-person, Washington, DC, USA.
Session on “Learning Engineering Perspectives for Supporting Education Systems”

Empowering Learners for the Age of AI (ELAI) Global Online Conference, October 23rd-25th. Information on panelskeynotes and registration (free).

DevLearn, October 25th-27th in-person, Nevada, USA.
Many sessions are relevant to learning engineering.

Quality Matters Connect Conference, November 4th-6th in-person, Minnesota, USA.
Session on “Engineering Learning with Learning Engineering”

Learning Engineering Research Network (LERN) Convening, organized by ASU Learning Engineering Institute, December 4th in-person, Arizona, USA. If you are interested in attending, fill out this form.

Empowering Learners for the Age of AI December 5th-7th in-person, Arizona, USA.
The conference follows the ASU LERN Convening on December 4th. Panel proposals are currently being accepted. Information about keynotes and registration.

Special and Market Interest Group Work
The Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. Everyone is welcome to join one, two or all the SIGs and MIGs.

Please check website home page for updates to meeting days and times.

  • Corporate MIG: Corporate/Workforce MIG is meeting on Friday, October 27th at 11am ET. Meeting link is posted in Agenda and Notes.
  • Competencies: The Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG will meet on Friday, October 27th 3pm ET. Meeting information is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Design: The Design for Learning SIG  is meeting on Tuesday, October 31st at 2pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Tools/Instrumentation: The Tools SIG will meet on Thursday, October 26th at 2pm ET to discuss instrumentation and learning data. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Higher Education MIG: The next meeting for the Higher Education MIG is in Tuesday,November 7th at 12pm ET.
  • K-12 MIG: The next meeting for the K-12 MIG (market-interest group) will be Wednesday, October 8th at 12pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Students and Grads: The Students and Grads SIG will meet on Wednesday, October 8th at 4pm ET. Meeting link is in Agenda and Notes.

Let’s keep talking about learning engineering. Post in our Linkedin group or send an email with your update to put in this newsletter. We want to share your insights and work.

We look forward to your participation at the community call on October 18th, “Live from AECT.” Our next community call is scheduled for November 15th.