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November 2023 Newsletter

ICICLE November 15th 2023 Community Call: K12 Open Context Exchange with Michael Collins, a founder of OER Schema, and Steve Midgley, founder and managing director of Learning Tapestry 

The ICICLE monthly community call is November 15th at 12pm ET. This month we’ll be showcasing a specification and metadata for OERs (Open Educational Resources). We are thrilled to have Michael Collins, a founder of OER schema and an Associate Teaching Professor of Art and Digital Arts & Media Design, Penn State University, and Steve Midgley, founder and managing director of Learning Tapestry, an educational innovation company.

Learning Tapestry develops solutions for complex technology-based educational ecosystems and is currently working on K12 Open Context Exchange (OCX), a specification for publishing OER on the web and packaging that OER for exchange with other parties. The goal of OER schema is to unify OER content on the web to a standard vocabulary to enhance its discoverability in indexes and allow content to be more easily remixed and re-purposed. In Michael’s words, “this OER schema project is an exhilarating ontological romp through pedagogical metadata.” 

Steve and Michael will be describing the OCX system and showcasing the OER schema in use via the OCX  system. 

We’ll be meeting via Webex for the community call. (See details below with meeting code and password.) It is scheduled for one hour’s length. Full agenda will be posted here.

Talking about Learning Engineering 

On the Learning Engineering team: Learning and Instructional Design Technology (LIDT) Professionals
Dina KurzweilChristina Parker, and Rob Nyland published a book chapter, Careers in Government and Military, in Becoming an LIDT Professional, an open textbook.

Learning Engineering Virtual Institute
The Learning Engineering Virtual Institute (LEVI) aims to create interventions that will double the rate of middle school math progress for low-income students. LEVI selected a cohort of seven teams that are committed to harnessing the potential of AI and machine learning to enhance middle school math education: Carnegie LearningCarnegie Mellon UniversityEediRising AcademiesUniversity of Colorado BoulderKhan Academy, and University of Florida.

Learning Engineering Competency Framework and Primer Update

  1. Learning Engineering Category survey
    • We’d appreciate your completing a survey on categories to organize the competencies and resources. Your FIRST opportunity to contribute to the competency framework with plenty more to come! After you submit the form, you can see results from other ICICLIEists. Thank you to those who completed the form and gave such fantastic input.
  2. Learning Engineering Competency Framework
    • Process
      • We will begin with determining the sub-categories and competencies in separate categories. Michael Jay described the process best: We are build the nodes first, then make the connections across the framework.  
    • Formed two sub-groups: Learning Sciences and Intro to LE
      • Learning Sciences: The first meeting for Learning Sciences was Thursday, Nov. 9th. Next meeting has not been scheduled. Notes are here
      • Intro to LE: The first meeting for Intro to LE is Tuesday, November 14th at 11 am ET. We will start with discussing ideas for sub-categories. 
  3. Learning Engineering Primer
    • The LE Primer will be resources on how to learn and do learning engineering. It will be aligned with the same categories as the competencies. 
    • If you have resources to share with the community, please fill out this form.
  4. Listserv
    • If you are interested in working on the competency framework or primer, please join the CCC listserv for updates. Send an email to [email protected], containing the following text in the body of the message: subscribe ICICLE-CCC YourFirstName YourLastName
    • SIG meeting notes are here and emails sent to listserv are here

Special and Market Interest Group Work
The Special and Market Interest Groups develop resources and document experiences for the learning engineering community. Everyone is welcome to join one, two or all the SIGs and MIGs.

Please check website home page for updates to meeting days and times.

  • Corporate MIG: Corporate/Workforce MIG is meeting on Friday, November 17th at 11am ET. Meeting link is posted in Agenda and Notes.
  • Competencies: The Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG will not meet in November. We are have meetings for two categories to discuss sub-categories: Learning Sciences was on November 9th and Introduction to LE is on November 14th at 11am ET. Information about the sub-groups is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Design: The Design for Learning SIG  is meeting on Tuesday, November 28th at 2pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Tools/Instrumentation: The Tools SIG will meet on Thursday, November 30th at 2pm ET to discussing tools used in learning engineering. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Higher Education MIG: The next meeting for the Higher Education MIG is in Tuesday,December 5th at 12pm ET.
  • K-12 MIG: The next meeting for the K-12 MIG (market-interest group) will be Wednesday, December 13th at 12pm ET. Meeting link is in the Agenda and Notes.
  • Students and Grads: The Students and Grads SIG will meet on asynchronously in December. Info is in Agenda and Notes.

Let’s keep talking about learning engineering. Post in our Linkedin group or send an email with your update to put in this newsletter. We want to share your insights and work.

Please take the Learning Engineering Category survey. It will only take a minute.

We look forward to your participation at the community call on November 15th on K12 Open Context Exchange and OER schema with Steve Midgley and Michael Collins. The next community call is December 20th.