The hallmark of the ICICLE Conference is the active engagement and variety of session types that keep attendees learning, discussing, and connecting throughout the day. Throughout all session types, an online backchannel is available to leave messages or questions for the presenters or facilitators to continue the conversation after the conference. Learn more about the 2024 Conference session types below.

Lightning Talks

Deliver a very short presentation (no more than 5 slides) on one or two key points. Think Pecha Kucha or a TED talk slice. The goal of this session type is to allow attendees to ponder a point posed, inform the community about an important update, share an interesting example of learning engineering in context, or solicit partnership in a learning engineering-related endeavor. These sessions are five minutes in length.

Show and Share

Present on your case study, research, project, process, failures, or lessons learned using learning engineering. These sessions include 15 minutes of presentation time with or without visuals, followed by five minutes of audience Q & A.

Structured Panel

Do you have a fascinating group of learning professionals that you want to connect for an invigorating conversation? Moderate a panel of 2-5 experts to discuss a topic related to learning engineering. Plan for audience interaction with Q&A. These sessions are 60 minutes in length, including audience discussion.

Active Learning Session

These are some of the most exciting sessions at the ICICLE conference! Lead an activity-based learning session with a defined objective, strategy, and product/performance. This is a great opportunity to model components of the learning engineering process with a focus on meaning making. These sessions include a lesson plan or “workshop in a box” that will be published in the Conference Proceedings for others to use in a variety of settings to spread the good word of learning engineering. These sessions are 60 minutes in length, light on direct instruction and heavy on participant engagement.

Exploration Stations

Facilitate a discussion around your passion with a whole breakout room or in small groups at tables. Some sessions may include facilitators or experts at each table to engage in a particular topic. The key is to provide participants an opportunity to spend time talking to each other. These sessions are 30 minutes in length. Each session repeats twice (or more) to give conference attendees the chance to visit more than one station of interest or to stay put to engage in deeper conversation.

Showcase Your Work (aka Poster) session

Spotlight your work in a poster session format, with or without a poster. You can stand by your poster, facilitate a tech demo, or present another type of visual. We would love to see your creative and innovative ideas for what and how to present. Great for more intimate and informal conversations about your work. These sessions are 60 minutes in length with the opportunity for conference attendees to graze the various content or stop and chew the cud with the presenter.