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  • December 2020 Newsletter

    Jim Goodell published a post on Why Engineering is Needed for Scale describing how learning at scale needs both learning and engineering.

  • November 2020 Newsletter

    Janet Koloder, Professor of the Practice and Co-Director, Boston College Lynch School, will share her experiences in directing the M.A. Program in Learning Engineering.

  • October 2020 Newsletter

    Rachel Van Campenhout, Learning Science Specialist at Vital Source joins us to speak about a case study on how learning engineering guides improvement of adaptive activities. 

  • September 2020 Newsletter

    Check out the proceedings from the 2019 ICICLE Conference on Learning Engineering, a curation of papers, reflections, slide decks, demos, videos and brainstorming.

  • August 2020 Newsletter

    Jessie Chuang, Corporate Group Chair, and Barish Golland published Learning Engineering: Improving Organizational Learning With Artificial Intelligence on how learning engineering can apply to the organizational learning context.