Newsletter Archives

  • January 2021 Newsletter

    Erin Czerwinski, Product and Community Manager, Simon Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University.  will share with us approaches and solutions that the Simon Initiative has developed using an interdisciplinary, learning engineering ecosystem.

  • December 2020 Newsletter

    Jim Goodell published a post on Why Engineering is Needed for Scale describing how learning at scale needs both learning and engineering.

  • November 2020 Newsletter

    Janet Koloder, Professor of the Practice and Co-Director, Boston College Lynch School, will share her experiences in directing the M.A. Program in Learning Engineering.

  • October 2020 Newsletter

    Rachel Van Campenhout, Learning Science Specialist at Vital Source joins us to speak about a case study on how learning engineering guides improvement of adaptive activities. 

  • September 2020 Newsletter

    Check out the proceedings from the 2019 ICICLE Conference on Learning Engineering, a curation of papers, reflections, slide decks, demos, videos and brainstorming.

  • August 2020 Newsletter

    Jessie Chuang, Corporate Group Chair, and Barish Golland published Learning Engineering: Improving Organizational Learning With Artificial Intelligence on how learning engineering can apply to the organizational learning context.