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  • December 2021 Newsletter

    ICICLE December 2022 Community Call with Jessie Chuang, co-founder of Wise Ocean, Barish Golland, Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Trinity Western University and Eddie Lin, Data Scientist, Facebook The ICICLE monthly community call is December 15th at 12pm ET.  We’re excited to have Barish Golland, Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Trinity Western University, Eddie Lin, Data Scientist, …

  • November 2021 Newsletter

    Check out several resources that discuss a learning engineering definition, process, profession and practice

  • October 2021 Newsletter

    Grady Hillhouse, a civil engineer and science communicator known for his educational video series, Practical Engineering, as a guest speaker

  • September 2021 Newsletter

    How does Cisco Networking Academy’s Learning Engineering team create a pathway to new skills?

  • August 2021 Newsletter

    The Competencies SIG is defining data science competencies as part of Data Science for Everyone’s campaign.

  • July 2021 Newsletter

    ICICLE members participating in several conferences on mobile learning, human-computer interaction and iFEST.

  • June 2021 Newsletter

    The Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) launched its inaugural State of XR & Immersive Learning Outlook Report 2021. ICICLE is a partner.

  • May 2021 Newsletter

    Participate in survey “What do Learning Engineers Do” for a research project that we are doing with the University of Dayton.

  • April 2021 Newsletter

    Aaron Kessler, Senior Learning Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, joins us to speak about learning engineering and the teaching profession.

  • March 2021 Newsletter

    Meg Benner, Managing Director at The Learning Agency, is joining us to speaking on The Learning Agency’s strategy and priorities on learning engineering.

  • February 2021 Newsletter

    Bob Sottilare, Director of Learning Sciences at Soar Technology will be speaking on Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) and about the newly formed AIS Consortium.

  • January 2021 Newsletter

    Erin Czerwinski, Product and Community Manager, Simon Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University.  will share with us approaches and solutions that the Simon Initiative has developed using an interdisciplinary, learning engineering ecosystem.