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Newsletter Archives

  • May 2023 Newsletter

    Megan Torrance, CEO of Torrance Learning, talks about all things xAPI, data, analytics and learning.

  • April 2023 Newsletter

    Vic Vuchic, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Promise, joins the community call to discuss Learner Variability Project, other Digital Promise initiatives and their relationship to learning engineering.

  • March 2023 Newsletter

    ASU launched the Learning Engineering Institute. Danielle McNamara, Director of the Institute, shares the actionable questions, goals, and results that the Institute will focus on.

  • January 2023 Community Call with Katherine McEldoon, Learning Scientist, on Scaling of the Science of Learning: Learning Design Principles

    Katherine McEldoon, Learning Scientist, on Scaling of the Science of Learning: Learning Design Principles

  • February 2023 Newsletter

    What is a learning ecosystem? Sae Schatz is developing the concept described as an interconnected lifelong system-of-systems that blends formal and informal learning, adapts to individuals’ characteristics and context, and is enabled by emerging technologies, learning analytics, and learning science principles.

  • January 2023 Newsletter

    Interested in Learning Design? Katherine McEldoon, Ph.D. at Pearson will present Pearson’s Learning Design Principles, a research-based portfolio and toolkit for high-quality product design.

  • December 2022 Newsletter

    Update on the Learning Engineering Toolkit with Jim Goodell

  • November 2022 Newsletter

    The University of New Hampshire has implemented a Student Cognition Toolbox, a short course companion to introduce and provide direct practice in study strategies informed by learning science research.

  • October 2022 Newsletter

    How is learning engineering applied to virtual reality? Kristin Torrence shares her experiences.

  • September 2022 Newsletter

    Learn how LE is used in the the development of a culturally responsive, intelligent, automated literacy tutor for use in primary schools.

  • August 2022 Newsletter

    Launch of Learning Engineering Toolkit

  • July 2022 Newsletter

    ICICLE Learning Engineering Conference and Learning Engineering Sneak Peaks